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The Neo Geo was released in 1990 by a company called SNK (Shin Nihon Kikaku or New Japanese Product). This system was unique in the video game industry in the sense that it was released both for the arcades and for the home. The Neo Geo system for the arcades was called MVS (Multi Video System) and the one for the home was called AES (Advanced Entertainment System). Even though both systems had the exact same games, the cartridges for each were slightly different in order to prevent cartridges from one system to be used on the other.

Video games for the Neo Geo looked a lot better than the ones available on other popular consoles at the time (the Genesis and the Super Nintendo). That also meant the games and the consoles were very expensive.

Since it was easy for arcade operators to change cartridges in order to keep their Neo Geo arcade cabinets profitable with fresh games, SNK kept releasing games for the Neo Geo until 2004.

The Neo Geo used the Motorola 68000 (like the Genesis) running at 12 MHz as its main processor. Its resolution was 320 224 pixels. It could display 4096 colors at once out of a palette of 65,000.

Here are some of my favorite games for the Neo Geo, listed by category. Since the Neo Geo was primarily an arcade system which specialized in fighting games, games of that type predominate:

circle Action circle Fighting circle Puzzle circle Shooting